iLe – Triángulo (Official Video)

"iLe – Triángulo (Official Video)"

After winning a Grammy Award for Best Latin Rock Alternative Album, “iLe” Cabra launches her new music video for the song “Triángulo”, included in her debut album “iLevitable”.  The video for “Triángulo”, a song written by iLe’s sister, Milena Pérez, is a moving visual production that intertwines moments of great sadness with a highly emotional interpretation on behalf of the singer. The music, based on stylish South American waltz rhythms, underlines the visual ambiance resulting in a stunning and heartfelt story.

“The video reflects a situation that many of us go through when we hit rock-bottom and reach that darkest part of our inner self. It’s that individual tragedy represented by a painful break-up of a relationship and the absence of love which in turn, is expressed in our outward behavior” said iLe.

“Triángulo” was filmed in Puerto Rico at the Tapia Theatre in Old San Juan, Cayey and Arecibo by the production company Rojo Chiringa, directed by Gabriel Coss with the assistance of Ari Maniel Cruz (Director of the film “Antes que Cante el Gallo”) and Santiago “Chago” Benet as Photography Director. The concept for the video was developed by Milena Pérez, Gabriel Coss and Gabriel Cabra. The song “Triángulo”,as well as the complete “Ilevitable” album was produced by Ismael Cancel.

Gabriel Coss, who directed the video, explained that this production has been one of his greatest challenges. “The opportunity of directing iLe, who is good friend of the family, through this video was something indescribable. Our goal was to highlight all her force as an interpreter while capturing the essence of what the song was narrating. I sincerely think we reached that goal and can honestly say it is one of the most satisfying projects I, and all the crew at Rojo Chiringa, have worked on”.

iLe also spoke of her experience shooting this video and the importance of it has to her as a singer. ““I truly respect films. My mother is an actress, my sister, who wrote the song, is also an actress, and so I’m lucky to have them working at my side, helping me with the acting part, but I admit it’s something I cannot master yet. I’m afraid of acting as much as I’m afraid of the sea”.

In terms of her future presentations, iLe will be performing at the Chico Cabaret of El San Juan Hotel on March 3rd, the Heineken Jazz Fest at Bahía Urbana on March 23rd and on June she will be at the Machaca Festival in Monterrey, Mexico. For more information, subscribe at