Minimal – “Fauna” (Official Video)

"Minimal – “Fauna” (Official Video)"

Minimal – “Fauna”
from the EP “Fauna” by Minimal
Directed by Denzyl Perez
Masks by Wintercroft


About Minimal:

Miami‟s Latin Indie band Minimal symbolizes the relevance of Latin-Alternative music being made in the United States today. Their music flirts with the electronic, incorporates English and Spanish lyrics, and is pumped with a healthy dose of Latin energy. Minimal’s latest album, Fauna, delivers a good mix of high-energy and melancholic tracks fused with their traditional use of drum machines and organic indie-rock elements. Fauna was produced by Grammy® winner Rafael Lazzaro Colon (Tame Impala, Rita Indiana), and recorded in an empty Miami church, giving the album a characteristic set of ambience sounds and textures.

Minimal released their first album, Fotos, Cartas Y un Puñal in 2006. That same year, Minimal was voted “best new band” by The album‟s first single “El Cubo” aired on alternative radio stations across the U.S. and the accompanying video received airplay on MTV3 and other alternative television stations. In 2007, the band‟s second single “No Sonar” rotated on Fuel TV and later landed in the featured music video section of MySpace Latino.

Minimal continued to develop their versatile and energetic sound with the 2009 release of Hermoso Caos. The four-track EP displayed the band‟s evolution toward a more harmonic and dynamic style. Pushing the creative envelope, Minimal created the Blue Space Man – a dancing, glowing fifth member of the band. Dancing from his post on the bass drum, he joined Minimal at shows and interviews during their 2010 promo tour. The Blue Space Man is also known for an internationally televised stunt, where he and Minimal‟s drummer Alejandro Angee snuck past security guards at the MTV Latin America Video Music Awards, walking the event‟s red carpet straight backstage and making his international debut.

Minimal‟s third studio release Antibalas Corazon showcased the band‟s dynamic and sensual sound. Antibalas Corazon incorporated fast paced tempos and a wide variety of textures by using synthesizers, drum machines, samplers, and traditional indie-rock elements. Produced by Minimal, the album was mixed by Grammy® winner Sebastian Krys.

Minimal has performed alongside international artists such as Aterciopelados, Bomba Estereo, Amigos Invisibles, Julieta Venegas, La Vida Boheme, Choc Quib Town, Los Prisioneros, King Chango, Jarabe de Palo, Cultura Profetica, Monsieur Periné, and Los Pericos, among others.