Richard Pigkaso – Ringmaster ft. Blass89

"Richard Pigkaso – Ringmaster ft. Blass89"

Welcome everyone to the S.A.W.F! (SUPER AWESOME WRESTLING FEDERATION) The World Tag Team Champions “2SIC”, Big Bad Watts and Piggy Wiggy, are facing one of most dynamic teams in the ring, The Blow Up Dolls! Will they get the win? Will they lose in defeat? Will there be refreshments afterwards? Watch and see…..

2SIC -“Big Bad Watts” – Blass89 (@fingers2fat) &”Piggy Wiggy” Richard Pigkaso (@richielovesyoyos)

Filmed By: Kota The Friend (@kotathefriend)

Coalishun Entertainment 2016 – Blass89 – Gina Management 2016