Zawezo Del’ Patio – Mia Voodoo

"Zawezo Del’ Patio – Mia Voodoo"

Zawezo is one of those artists that only comes along a couple of times in a lifetime. While he is not a superstar; which I think he could be, he is an artists’ artist. His genius for music expands a vast array of genres and moods. When you look at an artist that is so not one dimmensional like he is, its hard to pinpoint what he does, but check this new video for “Mia Voodoo” then check his catalog, THEN you will see what a great artist he truly is. Learn more about Zawezo at

Artist: Zawezo Del’ Patio
Song: “Mia Voodoo”
Prod by: Azziz Edkk and Da Profezor