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50 going on 16 with guest, Miss Yaya

Although it’s the 16th episode on the ReVolver Podcast Network, this week Latinos Out Loud celebrates their 50th episode since they started at this podcast thing!

The crew shares their experiences from Jerry “Elmo Di Foca” Diaz’s 40th Old School Hip Hop birthday party, including the surprise reveal of some throwback pics of Juan Bago and his cousin. Rachel La Loca goes over Bago’s humble head, and shouts out the shout out he received during the Lehman College stop on the Desus and Mero tour.

Jaime’s “Bochinche Bites” recaps Coachella aka #Beychella and how German Amazon workers are “pissed”. 

Frankspiracy news reports on Project Blue Beam-a highly advanced hologram being used to project entire cities into the sky. 

Lol’s guest is Miss Yaya Vargas, grammy-nominated salsa singer and former memeber of DLG. She shares how she draws inspiration in her song writing from her ex-boyfriends. Miss Yaya blesses the show and sings Happy 50th Episode. 








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