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Bunny Talk on Necker Island with guest, Junot Diaz

On Episode 10 of the new season on ReVolver, Juan Bago recaps his trip to the motherland, and reports back on the latest Dominican scam where some aren’t keeping it “wheel” and rolling their way up the jet way for first dibs at the overhead compartments. Rachel la Loca shares her cute and cuddly experience interviewing rapper Bad Bunny for Pero Like/BuzzFeed.

On this week’s “Bochinche Bites”, Jaime aka the President of the “Bachelor Nation” fan club, shares secrets via a new tell-all book about the TV series. He also shares friggin’ poll results that discloses New York, as the accent voted most friggin’ sexiest. 

This week in Frank’s absence, LOL intern, Eddie V. fills in for “Frankspiracy News” and reports on the Cuban government discovering a ship that disappeared over 90 years ago in the Bermuda Triangle. In other fake news, food chain, Cali Burger, hired a robot that is capable of flipping 300 hamburgers an hour. 

This week’s guest is Pulitzer Prize winning Author and Professor, Junot Diaz, who keeps it real and shares tidbits on his creative process, thoughts on Hollywood, and tells us all about his new children’s book about an Afro-Latina, “Island Born”. 

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