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Exclusive Interview with Mob Wives own Marissa Jade

Our very own Alex Baez recently caught up with Marissa Jade via a phone conversation as she talked about her career aspirations, the passing of Big Ang, her favorite things, and her guilty pleasures! Here is the interview, hope you enjoy!




Marissa Jade Bio

Born and raised in Staten Island, New York from Italian and Chinese decent, Marissa has grown up around the particular lifestyle that is seen on VH1’s Mob Wives. Not only is Marissa a reality star, model and actress but she is a dedicated single mother to her 7 year old son, Jaiden.  Marissa and her boyfriend O.Z. who is a family friend of Renee, (her mob wife cast member) have been dating a few years but have known each other for 10 years. Marissa has appeared in TV Shows such as Gossip Girl, The Good Wife and Law and Order. She was also chosen as a muse for the comic Destiny: Queen of Thieves which is currently in the talks to being made into a live-action movie. Marissa’s strong and fierce personality is what will make the last season of Mob Wives the one to watch!