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Giant Penises Rock with Manny Minus P. and Zeps

On Episode 25 of the new season on ReVolver, Rachel La Loca raises concern that her son may need therapy after his 3rd birthday weekend, and unveils the all-star lineup of her all-female comedy variety show taking place on July 6th in NYC (ticket link below), Bago picks a bone about his diagnosis of Osgood-Schlatter disease, and Frank has a guy that can help him advance at the upcoming NYC Marathon. Jaime is out celebrating his birthday, and guest co-host Alana J. graces us with her improv presence. 

On “Bochinche Bites”, and in Jaime’s absence, Bago fills in and covers news about a woman giving birth on a train in France and pushes through for free rides for life, an earthquake caused by excited Mexicans after they won a World Cup match, and a disgruntled member of Planet Fitness who showed some un-fit actions over a Tootsie Roll. 

This week in “Frankspiracy News” Frank has huge news about a giant killed in Afghanistan and how mountains are really just petrified giant remains aka the Mud Fossil theory. 

The crew interviews Manny “Minus P” Pimentel, creator of the legendary and host of his unique Dominican cooking videos on his Instagram page (link below). Manny talks about the emotion behind his work, from his music to and how those feelings propelled him to switch gears.

In the “Que lo Que Quickie” we chat with Author and Rapper, Orlando “Zeps” Molina. Him and Rachel reminisce on growing up in South Brooklyn, talk about his freestyle rap videos from the tarmac and how that coupled with being a Dad, brought him to write a rhyme-based hip hop books that both children and parents can enjoy.

Cop your “Rhymosaurs” by Orlando Zeps Molina-

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