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Happy FRANKsgiving with Hanna Jaff

On the eleventh episode of season four, Rachel talks about the success of her all-female variety show “Comedy Derailed”, Bago goes to a taping of Saturday Night Live and the group talks about their worst experiences with pushy waiters.

On “Bochinche Bites” Jaime dishes about a teen auctioning her virginity to pay off her parent’s mortgage, a man’s runny nose turning out to be his leaky brain, and a guy getting arrested for threatening to “blow up” a bathroom.

On this week’s “Frank-spiracy News”, Frank explains how in the near future people will start digitally speaking to lost loved ones.

The crew interviews Hanna Jaff about her philanthropic endeavors, human rights activism, speaking at the United Nations and how she donates thousands of copies of her books to refugees everywhere. We also hear about her walking in the Central American caravan and her role on the Netflix reality show, “Made in Mexico.”

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