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How I Met Your Gala with Brenda Raquel

On Episode 19 of the new season on ReVolver, the crew talks about Mother’s Day and what gifts they plan to get their moms this year. Juan Bago raves about his new workout obsession: SPINNING! The crew discusses the latest controversy surrounding Junot Diaz and how it affected the “The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao” event they hosted last week. Plus, Rachel talks about how her son DJ made his presence felt during her recent hosting gig.

On this week’s “Bochinche Bites”, Jaime breaks down the Met Gala and the crew gives their reactions to some of the religious themed red carpet fashions, Frank sneaks in a Frankspiracy about some of the Illuminati-type imagery that he spotted at the Gala, and everybody has an opinion about DJ Khaled admitting he is not a fan of “pleasuring” women.

Rachel returns with “The Loca List” this episode where she tells us the “Top Things Women Search For When Phone Snooping.” Take notes, fellas.

“Frankspiracy News” covers the story of the BABUSHKA LADY and how it is linked with the JFK assassination and time traveling.

The crew interviews Dominican actress and content creator, Brenda Raquel. We start with her journey from an online radio host to gaining a mass following on social media by writing and starting in her own comedy videos. Brenda, also known as “Miss Big B” by her Instagram fans, also updates us about an upcoming short film she is writing and a future comedic web series she is developing. Events:
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