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Latinos Out Loud #Podcast – Episode 4 – Boss Babies & Background Actors w/ Pio La Ditingancia



On Episode 4 Bago gets “Hollywood” from his latest SNL background gig and Rachel’s journey as an actress hits a small bump in the road as the result of a casting and production company scam. Jaime’s “Bochinche Bites” touches on the Oscar nominations, Monique’s call to boycott Netflix, and the official name of Kim and Kanye’s baby girl. On this week’s “Frankspiracy News” we learn about a new gadget that will make your cell phone convos less audible and more private while in public. This week’s “Loca List” covers the fads and weirdness that should NOT come back given today’s 1990’s retro movement. Our special guest Pio La Ditingancia aka “I Not a Fucking Baby” explains his hormonal disorder that stunted body growth beyond that of a six year old, and how he uses his earnings from stardom to support his mother and raise his nieces and nephews, left behind from his deceased sister. He recaps his celebrity run-ins while on the red carpet of the Latin Grammy’s, and discuses his upcoming projects, including hosting at Premio Lo Nuetsro. (Interview portion of this episode is in “Spanglish”)