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Latinos Out Loud #Podcast – Episode 3 – Chimpin’ Ain’t Easy

On episode 3 of the new season of L.O.L. on the ReVolver network, Juan Bago recaps being iPhoneless and lost for 3 days, Rachel La Loca shares details about smoking hookah in a Russian sex dungeon, Jaime celebrates MLK day with “ManMosas” at brunch and Frank sets a personal record with Uber driving for 40 hours over the weekend.

Jaime’s “Bochinche Bites” covers Hawaii’s false missile alarm, the ridiculous Tide Pod challenge, and yet another Latina’s story cast with a non-Latina for television!

On a new segment, “The Loca List”, Rachel highlights the “Top 10 Things We Have Latinos to Thank For”.

“Frankspiracy News” covers crack-cocaine smoking chimpanzees out of the UCLA Research Center decades before the drug hit the streets in the 80’s.

Special guest and actor, Manny Perez tells us all about his new Dominican film, “Colao” in theatres this Friday, January 19th and shares advice for aspiring artists with roots in the Dominican Republic.