Latinos Out Loud: Halftime of Our Lives with Medina

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"Latinos Out Loud: Halftime of Our Lives with Medina"

On this week’s episode of Latinos Out Loud the crew covers the play by play of the Superbowl halftime show. From the booty shaking to Shakira’s “zaghrouta” tongue flip

to JLo’s custom Versace Puerto Rican/US flag coat, LOL tackles all the show points. Rachel shouts out the Fashion Institute of Technology for bringing her on campus to conduct a public speaking workshop with the students and for inviting our interns to the live Desus and Mero show at the school. The crew also welcomes Carmen Mendoza back to fill in for JFernz.   

On this week’s Frankspiracy News Frank buzzes about mosquito drones and the future of drone warfare. 

The crew interviews Medina, founder The Equal Space – a sharespace for multicultural, women & LGBTQ+ founders, that creates unique cultural and collaborative experiences within the entrepreneurial landscape.