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Latinos Out Loud Podcast – So You Think You Can BRONX with The Kid Mero

On Episode 26 of the new season on ReVolver, in front of a packed studio audience, Jaime talks about his birthday weekend, Bago insists on featuring his photo during the crew’s weekly recap and talks about getting disrespected by drivers while jogging in the bike lane, Rachel goes to a gentrified zoo for her son’s 3rd birthday, and Frank shouts out being in a short film. Also with the help of comedian Glorelys Mora, Rachel plugs her upcoming all-female comedy variety show.

On this week’s “Bochinche Bites”, Jaime sinks his teeth into the whole Permit Patty story, Cardi B. and Offset getting secretly married, the winner of the world’s ugliest dog of 2018, and a new $369 period-absorbing blanket.

“Frankspiracy News”, reports on how some celebrities have been freezing on live TV due to mind control techniques.

The crew interviews our favorite Dominican Bodega Boy, Kid Mero of the show Desus and Mero. We have a hilarious discussion with him about the growth of the brand, moving to premium cable network, Showtime, his two bids in Twitter Jail, raising his kids in a Jewish and Dominican household, and his soon to be released book. We also play a trivia game that tests Mero’s knowledge of his stomping grounds called “So You Think You Can Bronx?”

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