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Music, Milf’s and Memorial Day w/ Radio Menea and Chelsea Rendon

On Episode 22 of the new season on ReVolver, the crew talks about spending Memorial Day in Rachel’s yard and she tells us why her husband should be anointed the Memorial Day “Grillmaster”. Jaime recaps how competitive game night at the BBQ became (money was involved), and Mike bad mouths his Taboo team (which ironically is a very taboo thing to do). Rachel and Jaime also break down their last rehearsal for this Saturday’s Room 28 Sketch comedy show in NYC (tickets still available—see link below).

On “Bochinche Bites”, Jaime starts off by calling out some people who weren’t happy with his NY Mets trivia loss on episode 21. He also gives his thoughts on Roseanne getting cancelled, the thirty year-old man getting sued by his parents because he won’t move out, and Porn Hub’s Top Search terms of the year.

This week in “Frankspiracy News”, Frank educates us about the rise of “smart cities” which depending on where you live, might make you feel a little stupid.  

The crew interviews Vero and Perez of the podcast, Radio Menea. They share what inspired them to create “the woke Latinx music podcast you should be listening to”, how they manage to record living in two different states, and how Latinx podcasts have changed since they first started doing the show.

The crew also does a “Que Lo Que Quickie” interview with actress Chelsea Rendon of the new Starz original series “Vida”. She covers how it is working on a show with an all Latinx writer’s room, her start as a child actor on shows like “ER”, and Rachel invites Chelsea to crash at her place next time she’s in New York City.   


Room 28 Comedy Show @ SoHo Playhouse

Room 28 @ SoHo Playhouse

ORIOLES at METS – Tuesday June 5

Dominican Heritage Night











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