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Olympic Spice Skating with Jasmin Cadavid & Danny Garcia

On Episode 8 of the new season on ReVolver, the crew gives Rachel their recap of her recent performance at “Crazy. Sexy. Cruel.”— an all-female sketch comedy show at The People’s Improv Theatre, Juan Bago shares his new found love for watching figure skating, and Frank shares his favorite Winter sport as well.

Jaime’s “Bochinche Bites” features an exclusive interview from the “startender” who was supposed to wait on Jay-Z’s table and make tips off of his $91,000 bottle tab. Jaime also reports that 2 out of 5 people you work with may have masturbated to your social media pics.

This week’s “Loca List” highlights the “Top 5 Things Latinos Should Give Up for Lent”.

This week we have 2 guests; entrepreneur, music video dancer and singer, Jasmin Cadavid who tells us about her line of rolling paper, new music and crazy experiences on a particular video set. Our second special guest is TV actor and former LOL co-host, Danny Garcia, who returns to catch us up and shares his auditioning strategy the time Jaime and him were up for the same role.








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