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No Equipment, No booths, No Mics, No Problem – Music Made from iPhone and Air Pods

When asked about how this song came about, Big Preme responded:

It basically started as a conversation between myself and Ali during the whole lockdown.

He and I had planned to work on a project together called “the Bacardi Brothers” as sort of a mixtape before Ali’s next album “Flight Club” which was supposed to drop in the summer. COVID came along and ruined the timeline for us. We couldn’t really get into the studio because we were social distancing. 

The song comes from the frustration of being locked in and being extremely limited from our normal activities like recording at the studio, seeing friends, and socializing in person.

Big Preme

COVID forced everyone to quarantine indoors and we didn’t let that stop us.

Ali and I had already been familiar with how I use the iPhone for beat production, having produced several tracks for Ali’s album “The Barrio Boombox” prior to COVID, however the idea that we could record vocals and mix was new. I approached La Mayeya, who just dropped his album “Evolution” a few weeks before and asked if he was willing to jump on a song as an experiment. I sent him the track and a very rough idea for the intro and hook, and we went from there. We all had basically one rule: no equipment.  No booths, no mics, just the iPhone, our air pods, and our vocals. Since neither myself, La Mayeya or Ali were anywhere near each other, we shared the wav files in iCloud and I mixed the song in pieces as the vocals started coming in. I mixed the song in GarageBand using the air pods to monitor the mix and put the final polish using an app called Grand Finale. The album cover itself was also done on the iPhone using an app called Over and was distributed using an app called Amuse, keeping the entire process from start to finish within the iPhone ecosystem.