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Teta for a Tecla with Julissa Calderon & Gadiel Del Orbe

On Episode 13 of the new season on ReVolver, Rachel la Loca returns and expresses her “Yo’ing” withdrawal, while Bago gets a truthful critique of last week’s opening and guest intro’s in her absence. Anthony Palmini aka the Latinos Out Loud “VO and Intro King” shares his news on being nominated for his recent voiceover in a radio commercial while subbing in for Jaime. The crew celebrates being nominated for the Tecla Award for “Best Podcast” at the upcoming Hispanicize Conference.

[12:15] The Loca List is back and in honor of holy week and her Jewish-American heritage, Rachel lists the top ten Yiddish slang words every New Yorker should know.

[19:47] “Frankspiracy News” reports on a space satellite that has been monitoring mankind and orbiting the earth for thirteen thousand years.

[27:15] This week’s guests are Pero Like Video Producers, Julissa Calderon and Gadiel Del Orbe. They share their stories on getting their start on the Latino BuzzFeed comedy platform, their past lives as a waitress and military man respectively, and now creating voices and aspirational images for Dominicans everywhere. They also talk about their recent experience on breaking bread with food content platform, Tasty.

[47:47] In the mock gameshow, “What Do You Know About Your Duo?” Loca and Bago battle Julissa and Gadiel to see who knows the most about their teammate.

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