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Uber Exorcism on Placenta Pills w/ Charlie Vargas, ESQ.

(1:12) On Episode 9 of the news season on ReVolver, the LOL crew introduces a new segment called “Why You Mad?” where Rachel shares a story of being De-Godmothered, while Jaime on the other hand is facing Baptism backlash on his road to becoming a Godfather, Mike complains about a trolling ex-boss and Frank confronts the group on not getting invited to a recent brunch after seeing a pic surface on social media.

(21:03) On this week’s Bochinche Bites, Jaime tells us how the Vatican is now doing mass exorcism training to Priests and Khloe Kardashian’s plan to pop placenta pills.

(29:33) In honor of Dominican Independence, this Week’s Loca’s List features the “Top Ten Benefits of Being Dominican”.

(37:43) “Frankspiracy News” reports on a new “Human Uber” technology.

(42:34) Our guest is Dominican-American attorney, Film Producer and philanthropist, Charlie Vargas, ESQ. He shares his path of success in becoming a Latino lawyer, while inspiring fellow men of color along the way. Charlie also reminisces on being voted Cosmopolitan magazine’s Bachelor of NY State back in the day.

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