“Your Time is UTZ” with guest, Radel Ortiz

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"“Your Time is UTZ” with guest, Radel Ortiz"

On Episode 12 of the new season on ReVolver, the crew welcomes actress, Alana J, as she fills in when after a record of perfect attendance, Rachel La Loca misses her first episode! Frank shares his “messy” Über story, and Juan Bago vents about Drake stealing his “Fernando the Party Planner” persona in the new Migos video.

On this week’s “Bochinche Bites”, Jaime covers the newest male birth control pill, a junk food shortage in NYC and former Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon’s run for Governor.

“Frankspiracy News” reports on Nissan coming out with a psychic car?!

This week’s guest is Content Creator, Radel “Andy” Ortiz, who talks his definition of success, early church theatre experience, and opens up about depression and how he uses his social media platforms to address it.








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