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6 Things I learned from my past relationships

I really have to say that I had this humorous idea in my head for the last couple of days. Check it out and me know if this rings true to any one of you!


1.  That time I was living in Detroit and worked at the Radio Station. I learned that laughter is the best part of a relationship.


2. When I was married for a few years, but after the first year I felt like I married a different person. Weird. I learned that you need to really know who you are marrying!


3. That time I lived in San Fransisco and lived in the attic of my Deceased sister’s husbands house with a bunch of kids. I learned that 47 people could live in a house that had enough space for everyone.


4. When I spent my whole senior year at Rydell High singing and dancing and still managed to graduate. I learned the couple that sings together get a few number 1 hits.


5. When I was an aspiring rapper but my girl had to take the fall so that I can get my career popping! I Learned that you have to value your mate.


6. While I wasn’t proud of it, we were on a break! I learned to define what “On a Break” means.