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I Brought “Quiet Luxury” to the Streets of Miami

Ok well let’s start out by stating that the Lincoln is not mine (yes I know – sad right) but I did get to drive one around Miami for 2 days while I attended the 2016 Hispanicize conference and the Tecla Awards (Which we won Best Latino News and Culture” website!). Angelo from Prestige Auto had a beautiful 2016 Lincoln MKC delivered right to the location I was staying in. I woke up early like a kid during Christmas waiting for this 2 day gift.

As soon as the car arrived, I had to create a quick video to showcase the outside of the vehicle itself. It’s clean, streamlined body kissed the morning sun with its fresh clean coat.

I quickly tucked myself into the drivers seat and set up the seat to my perfect liking. I do have to tell you that I was glad I got to drive the car in Florida. The one place you have to get on the highway to get places and the streets are so smooth that I felt like I was on a closed-circuit track.

I set up the Bluetooth to use my phone and drove off; destination breakfast.  But wait. This is not your average vehicle where you shift the gears. EVERYTHING is a button. You press the letter “D” and you drive, “R” and you reverse while the built in video kicks right in to show you where you are reversing to. A couple of quick clicks on the built-in navigation system and I was sitting inside a McDonalds enjoying some breakfast. Another few clicks and I was off to the Intercontinental Miami.

Driving  the vehicle is like floating on a road. Lincoln defined “Quiet Luxury” and while you can try to imagine what that’s like, you won’t really until you are sitting in it and driving.  The THX audio is a beautiful clean experience. Prestigious Audio was kind enough to throw in Sirius XM, so unless able to enjoy that while i drove around Miami surrounded by all its beauty.

At night when I had to drive back, I felt safe and sound that the navigation knew exactly where I was. I mean even the car loved to welcome me as soon as I walked up to it.


All in all. I was driving quite a few miles a day and the gas mileage was incredible. Thank you Lincoln Motor Co for allowing CorrienteLatina to drive around Miami for a couple of days in Quiet Luxury!!