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Catch a Monster (Short Film) | Review | Tribeca Film Festival 2016


When a young boy is peer-pressured into breaking and entering a rich mans house all hell breaks loose.  He soon discovers that the man owns artifacts that would scare grown men. He gets caught and finds himself face to face with the man they call “The Hunter” the hunter of bad people as he declares himself.

What transpires is a long conversation between the child and the hunter. Bad guys wear masks. Watch the short to find out who’s wearing it!




Program: Shorts in Competition: Narrative
2016 | 14 | Narrative Short
Directed by: Michael Y. Lei
Language: Spanish
Country: USA Bolivia
Premiere: World
Director: Michael Y. Lei
Screenwriter: Michael Y. Lei
Producer: Soledad Trigoso
Editor: Michael Y. Lei, Brian Lei
Cinematographer: Jeffrey Louis Peterman
Executive Producer: Andrew F. Renzi
Composer: John Carey
Sound Designer: D. Chris Smith, James Gilbert, Brian Golub