Circus Person Review | Tribeca Film Festival 2021

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"Circus Person Review | Tribeca Film Festival 2021"

Grade: B

What started as a heartbreak proves to be more of a spark to transform your life into something new. “You can be wild too”. 

Circus Person is an internal reflection on finding yourself narrated through the thoughts of the protagonist; Ava (Britt Lower). When she finds out her fiance is in love with Luna, Ava embarks on a personal mission to write a letter to Luna. As many of us would think; What do they have that I don’t? If I was more like them, then I would be loved too, Ava wrestles with these very notions. To be more like Luna; a free-spirit, Ava joins a circus to be more like Luna, but the more her mind fights her on the concept of “wild”, Ava starts learning more about herself and finally defines her idea of “Wild”. 

This short has some amazing visuals and flow. I suggest giving this a watch as almost all of us can relate to the turmoil that goes through Ava’s head as she grapples with discovering her true vision of herself. 

Sometimes we see other people and want to be like them. Maybe it’s the way that they do something, the way they talk, the way that people gravitate to them, their humor, their fearlessness. At the end, everyone is unique and special in their own right and it’s really about finding yourself and being comfortable with who YOU are. 

Genre: Art House, Dark Comedy
Title: Circus Person
Directed by: Britt Lower
Written by: Britt Lower
Starring: Britt LowerPhil Smithey, Jess Marks, Ramona Young
Creative Producer/Editor: Alex Knell
Producers: Sam Fox, Desiree Staples
Genre: Art House, Dark Comedy
Runtime: 17:10