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Comedy Central – The Seinfeld Situation

The Seinfeld SituationWritten by: Rohan Desai, Adhiraj Singh
Created by: Lowfundwala Productions: , in association with Cultureshoq:

Directed by: Rohan Desai, Kashyap Swaroop
Starring: Naveen Richard, Adhiraj Singh, Ansh Ranvir Vohra, Rohan Desai
Edit: Kashyap Swaroop, Ansh Ranvir Vohra,
DOPs: Akash Makkar (Primary), Ansh Ranvir Vohra, Kashyap Swaroop
Location sound: Vivek Gupta, Abhijit Kachhap
Shot at: The Hive Studios

Music Composed by: Jonathan Wolff for NBC’s Seinfeld.
Show Logo: NBC’s Seinfeld

***This video is a not-for-profit tribute to the show Seinfeld by NBC in response to the recent cancellation of Jerry Seinfeld’s Stand-up gig in Mumbai. The logo and theme have been used under fair use of copyright.

“Hey Hey Hey… I cant tell the future like your uncle.” While the video is funny I can see where this will be looked at in a different light. I at first thought that this was going to be a real Seinfeld moment but it was funny. This seems to have been in reference to Seinfeld’s recent cancellation’s in Mumbai.

Do you think this is a fair apology?