Curls Presents Mardi Gras Crawl at Ricky’s

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"Curls Presents Mardi Gras Crawl at Ricky’s"
image_3The natural/curly hair product Curls threw a Mardi Gras theme event at popular beauty store/hair salon Ricky’s. The event was held at two Brooklyn locations celebrating the line with Beauty Blogger/Author Jenell B. Stewart. Guests had to first stop at the Montague Street location to pick up their Mardi Gras beads and surprise free full size gift with any purchase of a Curls product. We were greeted by Curls street team and a sample product (Cashmere Curls Leave in Conditioner). The women were very cool and conversational with those who had questions about the products. This was a short event due to most of the activities being held at the Bergen Street location.
As I stepped into the Bergen Street store, I noticed that the space was much larger with a salon in the back. There were more guests and mostly curly haired women of different ages. It was great to see women embracing their natural hair and not resorting to chemically enhanced products. We were surprised with more goodies when we showed our beads. We were given another sample product (Blueberry Bliss Curl Control Jelly) and cocktails with beignet. Plus, we got to keep our Curls engraved champagne glasses. A receipt of a curls purchase had to be shown to receive a goody bag, which was while supplies last. Unfortunately, I did not get to see Jenell due to her running late. I know she had a lovely turnout from her Instagram @blakizbeautyful. I can’t wait to try these products and visit for product details and hair tips.
Images from the event: