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De La Soul is about to kickstart their new album “and the Anonymous Nobody”

De La Soul

So I recently received an email from the De La Soul email blast and the surprise of all surprises was waiting for me inside. De La Soul has a new album and will be releasing it in the fall. But here’s the cool little hitch. You can purchase hour presale copy of the album now via their kickstarter campaign. They already have $163,341 pledged of their $110,000 goal!

While I have to admit that TLC did a phenomenal job with their kickstarter campaign to actually create the album, I hope that De La Soul has the same success. If you recall they had a huge fight with their record label and did the unthinkable; they released their whole catalog for free!! This was very well received with a ton  being downloaded.

So while you enjoy all their old music for free it’s time to give back to one of te pioneers in hiphop. So head over to their kickstarter campaign and purchase your copy today.

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