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Dead Ringer (Short Film) | Review | Tribeca Film Festival 2016


A 4 minute spoken word piece from the mind of one of the pay phones in New York City. It reiterates how important they were in NYC as well as on the big and small screens. From superman changing to Robert dinero’s goodfellas scene as he learns about Tommy’s death.

The public phone has been a staple of New York City for years and now they are being slowly replaced. #DeadRinger



Program: Shorts in Competition: Documentary
2016 | 4 | Documentary Short
Directed by: Michael Tucker, Alex Kliment, and Dana O’Keefe
Language: English
Country: USA
Premiere: World
Director Alex Kliment, Michael Tucker, Dana O’Keefe
Screenwriter Alex Kliment
Producer Timothy “Speed” Levitch, Alex Kliment
Editor Michael Tucker
Cinematographer Michael Tucker
Composer Alex Kliment
Sound CJ DeGennaro