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“Dope” – Movie Review

DOPE Image303
© Open Road Films 2015

Grade: A+

Rating: R

Genre: Drama, Comedy

Directed By: Rick Famuyiwa

Run Time: 1 hr. 55 min.

In Theaters: June 19, 2015 Everywhere

Do you ever feel like every day is a bad day? Better yet, you are always being targeted for no reason. Just when you thought things were getting good they turn worse. Welcome to Malcom’s WORLD! Malcolm (Shameik Moore) is a High School Senior from the hood (the bottoms) in LA in the critically acclaimed dramedy film DOPE.

This film centers on Malcolm and his geek squad Diggy (Kiersey Clemons) and Jib (Tony Revolori) as they try to survive the last few weeks of senior year in a whirlwind of events. Malcolm is book smart and has his eyes set on attending Harvard. He’s not your average hood guy with his love for 90’s music and clothes, alternative hip hop band and lack of street smarts. Coming from the bottoms, he has to watch his back left and right and avoid WRONG turns. It’s easier said than done when you are a geek and targeted by everyone you can think of.

As graduation approaches, Malcolm has college interviews, prom and a mob of people after him for all of the wrong reasons. He can’t get a break with being cock blocked by dope dealer Dom (ASAP Rocky) to kick it to the girl of his dreams Nakia (Zoe Kravitz), or Bloods running after him for the little money or shoes he has. Needless to say, this is one of the many events that occur in the film. All Malcolm wants to do is live his dreams and make it out the hood. After one night out (wrong place and time), Malcolm and his crew will do anything to survive (hence the film title).

DOPE is original and well directed from start to finish. A story that encounters several socioeconomic issues. NEVER a dull moment and the humor correlates with all dramatic scenes. Narrated by Forest Whitaker and a cast made of who’s who in the industry, this classic is going to turn heads.


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