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Duo1804 performance

Daniel Bernard Roumain aka DBR is a composer and master violinist who has been making music for over twenty years. His composing and violin work has allowed him to work with a diverse group of performers and musicians such as American composer Phillip Glass, choreographer Bill T. Jones, tap dancer and actor Savion Glover, pop superstar turned actress Lady Gaga. DBR has played at Carnegie Hall and has composed for the Stuttgart Symphony and the Boston Pops Orchestra.

Val Jenty aka DJ Val-Inc is a composer who created the Afro-Electronica sound. Delving into her Haitian roots, Afro-Electronica blends that of electronica music with chants and voodoo samples to create her authentic Haitian sound. DJ Val-Inc unique sound has been showcased at such places like the Whitney Museum and the Brooklyn Academy of Music, but has also traveled the world playing in countries like Switzerland, France, Italy, and Austria.

Together DBR and DJ Val-Inc form Duo1804. Two weekends ago, I had the wonderful privilege to attend a performance by the duo at the French Institute Alliance Feancaise. All I can say about their show is wow! The melding of DBR’s classical styling on the strings paired with DJ Val’s funky fresh beats create a musical wonder that takes listeners on a journey they’ll surely enjoy.

Prior to the duo going through their set, DBR brought out several children who performed (kind of like the opening act). The first was an adorable young boy named Adrian (no older than three) who sang the ABC’s while DBR played it on his violin. DBR then played two pieces before bringing out three young ladies who each performed a solo piece before being joined by DBR, as they did their rendition of the g major scale.

When the children had finished, it was time for the adults to play and PLAY they did! While sitting in the audience, I kept wondering if this is how one felt when they were privy to sitting in a recording studio when the magic of music is created. The class of DBR’s strings with the swag and grit of DJ Val’s beats make for a symphony for your ears in which DBR’s violin compliments DJ Val’s beats beautifully, and vice versa making for a musical pairing that seems perfect in every way.