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Elle Presents an Evening with Abercrombie & Fitch

Elle magazine and Abercrombie & Fitch (European tourist’s favorite brand) hosted a private shopping party at their Flagship store located on 5th Ave. The store shut its doors late afternoon for the event which several customers were not satisfied. A large sign was posted in front of the store which clearly no one read because they kept trying to go into the store. One of the tourists was so pissed that she said “fuck you” to an employee. Whoa! I didn’t know people were still obsessed with this brand. Needless to say, the employees remained professional despite the misconduct and gave customers a 10% coupon off their next purchase.

As I entered the store, I was greeted by several friendly faces all dressed alike in Abercrombie gear. I haven’t shopped or worn their clothes since High School and was surprised that they were still appealing. There was a few merchandise that I would consider buying and was perfect for now and the fall. The styles that were displayed throughout the store was fitting for all sizes. Fashion Blogger Christina Caradona of Trop Rouge was the host of the evening and she did a job well done. The staff was amazing as they took their time to assist with styling advice and other inquiries. Prosecco was served throughout the evening and all guests walked away with gifts. We were all given a FREE pair of jeans of our choice from the denim table and had the option to monogram it for FREE. I am a Levi’s type of girl, but after trying my distressed A&F jeans ($88 value) I might have to change my mind. The denim has so much stretch that you do not need to buy a larger size. I am ready for the next party. For more information on A&F, visit

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