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Embrace the apocalypse | IT COMES AT NIGHT – Review

IT COMES AT NIGHT | © 2017 A24 Films

Don’t trust anyone!

If “The Road” (2009) and the harshest episode of “The Walking Dead” (minus zombies) did the nasty, “It Comes at Night” would be their morbid love child.

Straight forward as can be, “It Comes at Night” exposes us to a family of three, sheltered and fortified in their densely forest home facing challenges of an unnatural mystery that lurks outside their door. Led by Paul (Joel Edgerton), a man who has established an extreme form of domestication, their lives are soon thrown out of order when a desperate, young family arrives seeking refuge.

IT COMES AT NIGHT | © 2017 A24 Films

Jesus H. Christ of Latter Day Saints this is a freaky flick. A bit of a slow burn at first considering getting use to the film’s ambiance and characters, but once it starts rolling, it’s a piece full of unforeseen wicked tension. Off the bat, what I enjoyed most was how simple and subtle this flick is from start to finish. No hard gore, fancy CGI, explosions, superheroes, or “pretty people” to help carry it. It’s an overall horror that relies heavily on its awesome cast (Edgerton is a beast!) and narrative’s intensity to provide a tight grip on your psyche. The overall scope of the piece places you within the realm of both families and their gradual build-up of paranoia.

Much love and respect to director Trey Edward Shults whose follow-up from last year’s well reviewed “Krisha,” gradually leapt from drama to an intense, mind-boggling horror. In a nutshell, “It Comes at Night” is an eerie campfire story that gets under your skin, morphs into a vile spread, and rips your soul apart.


Grade: A / Genre: Horror, Mystery / Rated: R / Run Time: 1:37
Starring: Joel Edgertaon, Riley Keough, Christopher Abbott, Carmen Ejogo, Kelvin Harris
Directed by: Trey Edward Shults

In theaters June 9



© 2017 A24 Films