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Empire Recap: Season 1 Episode #10 – Sins of the Father

Empire-1With Andre going off his meds again and having a meltdown, it’s clear his bipolar disorder has gotten even worse then anyone could’ve ever realized and Rhonda has him committed.  The Lyon family (minus Lucious) visits him at the Holden-Jones Clinic to learn that he’ll be working with a psychiatrist as well as a musical therapist (played by Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson).  We as viewers discover through flashbacks that Andre had his first episode during college.  Cookie has an emotional moment and it hits her yet again that she missed out on so much of children’s lives.

Meanwhile over at Empire Lucious moves shares around to make sure that Cookie has a piece of the pie before the company goes public.  He has his mind set on getting his wife back and wants to remarry her.  Malcolm approaches Cookie to apologize for being attracted to her, but to his surprise finds that Cookie is equally interested in him.  Alright alright alright!  FINALLY Cookie gets her life!  Get it Cookie GET IT MAMA!

Newly minted couple Jamal and Ryan, having found their stride, seem to have hit a bump in the road and it’s Lola.  As Jamal has bonded with the youngster and now wants to take responsibility, Ryan is not ready nor has interest in being a parent.  Well that’s harsh considering he was the one that encouraged Jamal to get to know her.  Speaking of Lola, Olivia is back in town but not without company as a sketchy individual named Reggie has tracked her down and wants to know where the youngest Lyon is.

Vernon, feeling snubbed by Lucious, hits the club and hits hard with not just liquor but with that white powder that cooks your brain.  Who knew Vernon even did drugs let alone that it’s not the first time?  The family comes together at casa Lucious to sign the papers making the IPO deal official.  Hakeem brings Camilla with him which surprises both Lucious and Cookie.  Lucious, not convinced of Camilla’s intentions, sends for Malcolm who is instructed to take her to the airport and send her back to London.  Now that’s how you HANDLE that ass!!!

Vernon shows up at the house with Olivia and Reggie who pulls out a gun.  He’s come for his lady Olivia as well as for Lola and is willing to take out anybody that gets in his way.  He first has his gun pointed at Jamal’s head, feeling threatened by who he was in Olivia’s life.  Lucious drops a bomb that no one saw coming and reveals that he is Lola’s biological father.  The revelation shocks everyone and in that moment Cookie goes for the gun only to end up being taken hostage.  As the sound of a gun goes off we fear that Cookie had been shot, but alas it was Reggie who was shot by Malcolm’s skilled hand.  THANK GOD because I don’t know what I would’ve done had my Cookie been injured!

ALL eyes will be on this Wednesday night (now dubbed Empiresday) as Empire’s first season concludes with a two hour finale.  The trailers suggest we haven’t seen anything yet and judging from the jaw dropping revelations we’ve seen all season long, I’m inclined to believe it.  The two hour season finale of Empire airs this Wednesday at a special time begining at 8pm.

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