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Empire Season 1 Episode 5 – Dangerous Bonds

Empire-1A gag worthy secret is uncovered, a grand gesture is made and bullets cut through the air.  Do I have your attention?  SURE I do because this is your weekly “what to expect” teaser for Fox’s SCORCHING HOT musical drama series Empire.

Despite discovering his infidelity, Tianna and Hakeem continue to keep up appearances as the new “it” couple.  It must be hard out here for a pimp, a girl pimp that is!  Now is Tianna really into Hakeem or does this girl have alterior motives for keeping her career on fire?  Only time will tell, but if you ask me, Hakeem brought it on himself if the relationship ends up going south.

Lucious makes the ultimate declaration of love and proposes to Anika.  Obviously from last week’s trailer she said yes, but just how will Cookie (ex wife and mother of his three children) react to the the unexpected news?  Speaking of Cookie, why did she say “dead bitch walking, that’s me out here right now” to the FBI Agent she’s secretly working with?  Is her life in danger?  Keep your eyes peeled Cookie because snitches do get stitches!

Meanwhile Andre (still determined to get his brothers out of the way so he can take over the Empire) sets a plan in motion that pits Jamal and Hakeem against each other.  As Hakeem shoots his first video for his super hot single Drip Drop (the song is hip hop hot), Jamal is in the studio creating an r&b masterpiece.  As the music heats up, the question on everybody’s mind will be WHO will have the bigger single?  It’s anybody’s guess and I’m sure both singles will dominate the charts, but I’ll admit I’ve been #TeamJamal since day one.

F.Y.I. this epsiode will open with a “What the hell” moment and end with an “OMG” moment.  An all new episode of Empire, the season’s supernova hit series, airs tonight at 9pm after an all new episode of American Idol.

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