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Empire Season 1 Episode 6 – “Out, Damned Spot” (spoilers)

Empire-1The shit has HIT the fan!  Lucious invites Cookie out to dinner, but upon arrival finds the entire Lyon family (even Anika) there.  What in the hell is going on?  Breaking the news of their engagement that’s what!  Now with ALL that flirting Lucious has been doing the last few weeks, how do you think Cookie will take the bombshell that’s dropped on her?  All I have to say is DUCK BITCH DUCK!!!!!!

Courtney Love makes her first appearance as Elle Dallas, one of Empire’s longest signed artist who’s career has been at a stall.  Cookie (Elle’s biggest fan) lobbies to take over as her manager, but finds more than what she bargained for when she pays a visit to Elle’s place of residence.  Just goes to show you that stars, like us regular folks, can have MESSY private lives too.  Will Cookie be able to put her ear for music to good use to reignite Elle’s career?  Let’s HOPE so for Elle’s sake!

As the tension between Jamal and Hakeem continues to mount, the brothers go from being close to being rivals and each harnesses his own anger to fuel his music.  Jamal’s latest gem has caught major fire and it seems to have gotten him ahead in the race to the top, but is he ready for the stardom that’s about to come and how will it affect his relationship with Michael?  Meanwhile Hakeem, angry at just about everybody (Jamal, Tiana, Cookie) focuses his newly tapped rage into creating his first monster hit without Jamal’s help.  Has the youngest Lyon finally come into his own as a bonafide artist?  After hearing his newest song I think the answer to that is HELL YEAH!  If none of that has gotten your attention (though let’s be honest because ANYTHING relating to Empire HAS your attention) just WAIT until you hear the jawdropping last six words of the episode.  They will leave u S-P-E-E-C-H-L-E-S-S!  An all new episode of Empire airs tonight at 9pmfollowing an all new episode of #AmericanIdol

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