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Empire – Season 2: Episode 4 (recap or spoilers depending on when you read it)

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Wow, FED’s raid Empire’s offices!

Very reminiscent of Murder inc when they were going through their issues. But while Irv, his brother and Ja Rule laid low and fought the case and won, Luscious’ bravado gets the best of him as he tries to use the raid to his advantage.

Andre and Lucious make a deal for Andre’s return to Empire. Seems that if Andre could make all this “mess” go away, he could have anything he wants – which could be him running Empire.

Cookie remains one of my favorite characters on the show. Her sarcastic nature and quick quips are hilarious to me.

God gets a cameo on this weeks show via talking to the loony son. “God’s been speaking to me..”

Luscious’  lawyer brings the idea of solidarity to the Lyon family in order to make the Feds feel like there is a united front. This prompts Jamal and Hakeem to team up and record a video together with a “Black Panther meets post apocalyptic” video.

Now if we have learned anything about Cookie Lyon is that you do not play around with her children. The prosecutor has been itching to find something on Luscious and will stop at nothing to win her case. That includes flat out threatening her sons.

While Cookie tries to protect all of her sons, Jamal and Hakeem can’t seem to get along and continue their feud. While siblings always have some sort of competition going, they seem to be taking it to another level.

While this weeks episode unfolds, Andre is running around trying to dig up the body of Vernon in another attempt to get back into his fathers good graces and regain his spot or better in Empire. And oh boy. Wait to you guys see that but Andre is back at Empire. At least for the time being.

Meanwhile Hakeem is trying to drink away his pain at a bar and discovers his “Latina” replacement to his mènage à trois after Lucious stole Becky G from his label.

I won’t even talk about the closing scene. But prepare to be shocked!

This weeks lesson is Pride is a dangerous thing.

I could be wrong, but it seems like Empire is really trying to make Jussie Smolette a musical star this year. Pretty much smells like there could be a solo album being worked on. Just saying.