For Latinos, The holidays are “Y Tu Novio” Season

"For Latinos, The holidays are “Y Tu Novio” Season"

Back in the day when I was single, this would be the mainstay in my household. My grandma would tell me “Richie, cuando me trais un nieto o nieta” and my aunt would say “He needs to find a girl first”.

Or … Are you coming alone to this wedding, party, movies, etc. It seems that unless you are together with someone in the Latino Community there’s something wrong with you. ¬†Oh and don’t let me start with the age factor.

I am sure this story resonates with so many Latinos especially during the holiday season. Buzzfeed hit us up with the perfect video demonstrating this.

Take a look and let us know if we are right.


Is this something that is ONLY prevalent in the Latino community or is this across multiple cultures?