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“Fuller House” The CorrienteLatina Official Review

 If you are looking for Emmy winning performances, dialogue, and story lines, this is not the show – but if you are looking for a great family comedy that everyone can enjoy then this is the show to watch.  

Many of us grew up watching Full House as kids and some of our children probably watched those same shows and appreciate them as well. But why are so many other reviews so cold-blooded towards this version of the show? My guess is that they can’t see the progression of time within the now main characters. While yes, there are cheesy lines and references to “Michelle” as being too busy, they do deal with real life events. 

Not being able to have children, loss of a spouse, father, being in the middle of a separation and so much more. The ensemble does a great job reprising their roles in adult form and the new characters are a good addition with Elias Harger aka Max Fuller and Soni Bringas aka Ramona Gibbler as the shows new rising stars. 
While I can admit to only being half way through season 1, those that expected something more are ridiculous. So cut it out! 
Oh but I will say that “Ramona’s” fathers OD super Latino rendition of his character is beyond ridiculous. It’s over the top stereotypical.