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Gordon Ramsay roasts more than food!

Nowadays everybody thinks they are a chef. Even myself on occasion have cooked some marvelous shit to get your mouth all watery… wait that’s a Wu-Tang line!

Gordon Ramsay is the foul talking, loud mouth that has crushed many souls for their cooking for decades on TV. Now let’s the general public have it, but don’t feel bad, it’s both hilarious and THEY asked for it!

Do you have your own food pics? I will be happy to comment on them for you  I’m not Gordon Ramsey but I will let you know about that slop you eating! Or maybe it looks delicious


When you think you can audition for Top Chef!

When you trying to be healthy but even that’s a struggle

When you really just ask for it

When you want to just eat scallops and play golf.

Who doesn’t enjoy some Jerky from time to time?

What you always knew about school lunch after 2000

One of those things you don’t want to find under a rock

Was this made around Central Park?

When your friends aren’t really your friends.

This one just stings

Maybe her boyfriend doesn’t like you.

Meat eaters 1 vegans 0