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Review: Gotham Season 1 – Episode 15 “The Scarecrow”


Last week we saw the elusive Dr. Crane narrowly evade capture by Detective Gordon.  In the wind and still leaving a trail of bodies, we finally get to see exactly WHY he’s been harvesting adrenal glands from his victims.  All I can say is “never get high on your own supply!”  It’s obvious by the title that the birth of Scarecrow happens in this episode, but the question you should be asking yourself is will it be Dr. Crane who assumes the mantle or is he simply the man who creates the monster?

Where in the hell is Fish Mooney?  No one seems to know, not even Fish herself knows that answer.  What she does know is that she’s in some kind of prison camp.  By my who or what?  Your guess is as good as mine.  What is a girl with no minions to do?  If you know Fish she’s not one to go down easily.  Finding herself held captive in some kind of prison camp, Fish does what she does best and forms an alliance with who’s running things.  Will this new alliance finally cause her to meet a problem she can no longer handle or will she prove to be that #BossBitch everyone has come to know her as?  The answer may surprise you…then surprise you again.

Speaking of Detective Gordon, love seems to finally agree with him as his new relationship with Dr. Leslie Thompkins continues to blossom.  The good doctor has left Arkham Asylum and taken the job as the new medical examiner for the Gotham City Police Department, but with her new position at the GCPD, are things moving just a little too much too fast for Jim to handle?  Personally I like them as a couple and seeing that she works at the precinct, he doesn’t have to keep things from her.  Knowing the type of work he does, she’ll be a lot more understanding than Barbara ever was.  Only time will tell how long these two will last.

Penguin, no longer able to continue his double agent status, is now officially one of Don Falcone’s men.  Falcone gives Penguin the club that Fish Mooney used to run and tasks him with getting the place revamped and ready for business.  Will the Penguin succeed and prove to be ever the business savvy man he’s become or will he fall flat on his face and let down Don Falcone?  He’s throwing a party so that must mean good news right?  Tune in tonight at 8pm for an all new episode of Gotham to find out.

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