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Happy birthday Big Pun

For those that grew up in the 90’s HipHop scene Big Pun was the beacon of hope for young Latinos growing up in the hood. The Bronx native was a charismatic, charming “hood” dude. I had the pleasure of having out with Pun a few times before and after he and his people’s blew up.

I think it was 93 or 94 when me and my rhyme partner at that time were trying to find producers, studios and such. I was in Syracuse U and my boy went to Lehman college there he met a Cuban mc by the name of Cuban Links; although back then he was just the Lyrical Assassin. They began hanging out and used to call me like “yo, you need to drive down for the weekend or something. I met these kids and they nice!” Well I did and that was the first time I met “full-a-Clipse” the trio of Big Pun (Moondog Punisher back then), triple Seis (Joker Jams back then) and Cuban Links.

We met at Puns house in the Bronx. I wish I could remember the area although I recall it maybe being a one bedroom with a pool table in the living room. I remember thinking – how the hell did they get this shit through the door. After going rounds and rounds of spitting rhymes it was undeniable that they had an immense amount of talent. I went back to school and my boy Kenny who went to Lehman stayed hanging with them and became great friends with all of them. I would come by back from college and spit some rhymes for them.

I always remember Puns sense of humor. I remember him always snapping on the size of my head. It was a given that he would start lol.  I remember hearing beats and songs before they came out occasionally and being the first person to ever play his music when I returned back to Syracuse and had my radio show. I want to say that maybe,just maybe I broke the pun records on college radio.

And although videos have come out, law suits have ensued and there’s probably a ton more that we have no clue about. It was an honor to have known him in whatever capacity that was.


I will add this video since Kenny and I went when they were filming this (we got there so damn late)