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"IDNYC Program"


IDNYC is a government-issued ID program for NYC residents ages 14 and older, which launched in Summer 2015. Applicants can apply at any IDNYC enrollment center in the five boroughs and must provide valid proof of identification and residency. The card is free for all applicants during the first year of the program and you cannot enroll online. Appointments are required for the enrollment process and once you apply for the card, it will arrive in the mail within two weeks. Cards are valid for five years from the date the application is approved. There are several benefits including access to cultural institutions, movie discounts, sporting events, prescription drugs and more. IDNYC can also be used at the public libraries in Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan and open a bank account.

Free one-year memberships to the Museum of Natural History, the MET, Carnegie Hall and more are some of the advantages with this card. It is far better than waiting on line at the DMV to apply for a state ID. However, the card does not authorize to purchase alcohol, receive public assistance, obtain a driver’s license, traveling verification (domestic or international) or immigration status. Since the launch of this program, enrollment has not only increased, but some of the benefits has extended for free memberships. If you are interested in enrolling or seek more information, visit