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Kanye West says he’s 50% better than everyone and calls Taylor Swift a “Fake Ass”

I used to think that there was a thin line between insanity and genius and Kanye West rode that line like a gold medal gymnast. Now I’m not too sure.

During his latest stint on SNL, Kanye turned into Kanye and went on one of his rants – even calling Taylor Swift a “Fake ass”. I think two things all the time when it comes to Kanye.

  1. That because he was an only child and it was him and his mother that he was so coddled and babied that he feels entitled to everything because he was never said no to and can’t stand losing.
  2. The dude is bi-polar.

While no one can deny that his contribution to music as a genius will forever be cemented, it’s his backstage antics that cause him the most problems. He recently also went on a back and forth Twitter argument with Wiz Khalifa that ended with a “someone made me apologize” (see my number 1) over someone criticizing his album title.

I see so much of this in the world. Especially on Facebook. You can’t have a conversation without someone trying to punch their sometimes ridiculous thoughts into your brain.

So here’s his latest rant. What do you guys think?

oh and PS – nobody is getting on tidal!