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AS I AM: THE LIFE AND TIME$ OF DJ AM | © 2016 Abramorama

It’s not all about the ones-and-twos

In some way, shape, or fashion we’re all familiar with Adam Goldstein a/k/a DJ AM. Whether having unleashed your soul while dancing (or bopping your head) to his work, or at the very least word-of-mouth, this particular individual has bounced around your psyche. For me, it was based out of three sources: my brother (who’s also a DJ [DJ Hostile]), The Howard Stern Show, and IRON MAN 2 (2010). Fully aware of who he was and his talents, there was something magnetic about Mr. Goldstein. What was it? Personally, I wasn’t sure and selfishly didn’t care. However, it’s always the thing or people you least expect that make the most impact. In my case, it’s director Kevin Kerslake and his latest documentary AS I AM: THE LIFE AND TIME$ OF DJ AM.

Deeply expressed by most of AM’s colleagues, AS I AM is an open, respectful look at DJ AM’s life. From the darkest most painful memories of his past, all through pushing against all odds and becoming the first DJ ever to land seven-figure paydays.

There aren’t enough words to describe just how touched I am by this documentary. Whatever I thought I knew about this man didn’t even scratch the surface. AS I AM is a well-executed film that raises the level of knowledge due to the fact that he was more than just a flawless DJ. This piece also exposes the other side of him. A soul full of humility, genuine characteristics, and a unique drive upon everything and everyone considering his past full of uneven, dark, emotional footings. Entertainingly educational, this film isn’t only engaging and fun with the light it shines among an artistic outlet he passionately owned, but sad as it opens up to the severities of addictive behavior and the grip it has on one’s mind, body and soul. Having gone through (and beating) so many odds in life, DJ AM’s existence is beyond exposed in this piece, solidifying a pretty powerful legacy.

Inspirational in every way, AS I AM: THE LIFE AND TIME$ OF DJ AM is without doubt one of the top films of 2016!


Grade: A+ / Genre: Documentary / Rated: Unrated / Run Time: 1:50

Directed by: Kevin Kerslake


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