Lost Weekend | Tribeca 2019 Review

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"Lost Weekend | Tribeca 2019 Review"
Lost Weekend

Wtf! In an era where hair bands ruled and they lived in total excess, the winner of an 1984 MTV contest to party with Van Halen for the weekend recounts that experience. From a small town to experience the Van Halen life! 

But what entails is a roller coaster ride emotional ride that speaks on how things have changed so much. Kurt Jefferis and Tom Winnick  relive their experiences from that night. 

Cast & Credits

Director: Bradford Thomason, Brett Whitcomb 
Producer: Bradford Thomason 
Cinematographer: Brett Whitcomb 
Composer: Ryan Chavez, Michael Schleibaum 
Editor: Bradford Thomason 
Executive Producer: Ali Clark 
Cast: Kurt Jefferis, Tom Winnick