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STYLEFW 2018 – Adriana Sahar

About Adriana Sahar

My name is Adriana, also known as Sahar.

I started my fashion career when my mother bought me my first sewing machine at the age of 13. I sold my first dress at 13 for $25.00 and I’ve been hustling ever since.

I started my business out of my parents garage right after college at the age of 22. It was a hot summer and it was not cute but I made it work. I was selling kimonos and making just about anything I could to make my money. Whether it were friends, customers or random people who would meet me on the daily coming by my garage and buying custom pieces by moi. I started selling to boutiques as well. I stayed working in my garage for about a year till I decided I wanted to explore a new city and new people. I moved to new york for a couple months hoping some big designer would find me, scout me I don’t know what I was thinking, I dream hugely and outrageously, anyway that didn’t go as planned.

I moved back to la and started taking my fashion career seriously again. There were so many road blocks and times of doubt, times I just wanted to give up. I never did and I never will.

I built my line off the dream girl, all the pieces I want to wear. Pieces every girl wishes she could wear or “Model”, it’s different, and different is so sexy. Everyone wants to be different and feel sexy. You are unique, you are imperfection and that is why you are so beautiful. The world needs to see this beauty.

~adriana sahar

Photos from Adriana Sahar’s NYFW 2018

Photos by Mark Gunter
Album photos by Albert Evangelista