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O Magazine and Lancome’s Beauty tips with Val Monroe

IMG_2795[1]“Beauty needs no comparison only in the eye of the beholder.” These are the inspiring words that O Magazine’s Beauty Director Val Monroe spoke as she held a deep discussion on empowerment.

Lancôme and O Magazine partnered for a Lord and Taylor beauty event embarking on empowerment and beauty concerns. Lancome Field President Andrew Armstrong hosted the event with Val Monroe and reflected their concerns. Val recited excerpts from her personal poems (ode to herself) reminiscing on her days as a 6 year old and present age. While sharing her poems, the importance of feeling beautiful was discussed.

When we think of feeling beautiful, we think of hair, nails, outfit etc. However, it’s not always the case. Val pinpointed an act of kindness as beautiful. With this act, you are perceived as better looking. As I listened to her poems, I couldn’t help, but to think of my personal issues with beauty. As a child, I suffered from acne and it took years to accept my skin. What I defined as so ugly was easily treated. I was too focused on my skin and not focused on more important issues. It’s amazing that women of all ages wish they could change a body part.

“Change can be great if you embrace it” – Andrew Armstrong

While Val and Andrew held a Q & A, they provided the best suitable skincare tips. However, I noticed that a few women complained about their fine lines or turkey necks. I don’t know about you, but with good there’s bad. Aging is natural and nothing is permanent. If you take care of your skin, why worry? Drinking lots of water helps, but only to a certain extent; It’s not about the ounces you drink as long as you’re thirsty. Val and Andrew discussed alternative ways to avoid excessive dryness. Makeup wipes and/or splashing your face and reapplying moisturizer can restore moisture.

Topics such as dark spots and gray hair were also a prominent discussion. All skin types should apply SPF 30 daily to prevent dark spots and other sun exposure issues. While many embrace age, others cannot accept it.


The purpose of the discussion was finding what works for you. No one is perfect and we all have flaws.


“Do what makes you happy”– Val Monroe

* Special thanks to Lancome for the complimentary makeup service by your artists. Thank you O Magazine for the goody bag including the December issue of Oprah gracing the cover and Lancôme products.


Images from the O Magazine and Lancome’s Beauty tips with Val Monroe Event