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Open dialog with about Donald Trump on SNL, media and more.

So let me talk about the quick back story to this. I came across an images posted on my timeline from‘s instagram.  and in the screenshot of their website, I saw an image of Donald trump and posted this question.

How do you guys feel about Donald Trump being on SNL tonight? I can’t fathom why they would even have him on after all his racists antics. Or maybe I could considering who the shows audience caters to.

I didn’t think much about the question I posed after that, but I was amazed that they responded on their website in an article titled – “Trump appears on SNL, only funny part was Larry David claiming his $5,000“.

The piece by Nikki G was well thought out and opened up a great door to communicating about such things. She writes:

I would most definitely prefer not to see his face on any show, but I also think having him on SNL doesn’t mean Saturday Night Live or NBC are promoting his views or the racist comments he made

In response to her article I commented this:

I can agree with that. If media were that objective then it wouldn’t be a problem. But we all know that conglomerates like CNN and Fox definitely pick sides and show only good from their point of view and bad from the other side; this reinforces that stereotype.

From our perspective, I like our website to stay neutral and objective, but me the owner (Rich) it really drives me nuts to see that man speak. As a child I would play his board game all the time with my friend. it was like a “who could get Trump money the fastest” but wow I wish i knew his level of crazy back then. ehh or maybe it the young me wouldn’t have been able to understand.

Now I do think that as media; especially in the realm that we are both in, it is important to stay objective. People do have an uncanny ability to shoot themselves in the foot when they are “bad”.


So here is the question I would like to propose.

What should be “Latino” media’s stance (if any) on people’s behaviors when it pertains to criticizing, name calling or just outright being hateful of Latinos?