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Original Collection by Dr. Scholl’s with Lo Bosworth

dr-scholls-event_00007Dr. Scholl’s is a world renowned shoe company that has specialized in foot care for several decades. Over the years, Dr. Scholl’s has eased pain for many consumers with a variety of products for foot pain. Their products are highly recommended and are suitable for comfort. Health and Wellness Blogger/Reality Star Lo Bosworth (MTV’s Laguna Beach and The Hills) teamed up with Dr. Scholl’s original collection.
The original collection event was held at Lord and Taylor featuring the lastest line. Sandals, Sneakers and Wedges were on full display as guests sipped on champagne (IDs had to be shown) and snacked on treats. There was a photo booth, which printed  pictures by hashtagging Dr.Scholl’s on instagram.
Lo walked into the event by greeting everyone and taking photo ops. It wasn’t a large crowd due to her no longer being a reality star and mostly focusing on healthy living. She was a sweetheart and mingled throughout the event. I met her and briefly spoke to her by telling her about my Laguna Beach days. Raise your hand if Tuesdays were Laguna nights!

Images from the Event: