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Orphan Black recap: Season 3 Episode #2 – Transitory Sacrifices of Crisis

Saturday night on the latest epsidoe of Orphan Black Cal Morrison (Game of Thrones hunk Michiel Huisman) is back and wants to be a father to Kira (Skyler Wexler) who he only learned about and met last season.  He’s decided to stick around and gotten a place he hopes that he, Sarah (Tatiana Maslany) and Kira can live as a family.  Will Sarah and Cal, now honest with each other with everything on the table, be able to go the distance?  Time will tell but truth be told I’m rooting for them because for the first time Sarah looks happy, something she hasn’t had a lot of in her life.

Elsewhere Detective Arthur Bell is back and catches an assault case.  He contacts Sarah after noticing the two men are twins.  Sarah recognizes the men, they’re Castor Clones.  Speaking of the Castor Clones, it seems the male clones are having a health problem of their own and that’s why they’ve seen searching for the late Doctor Duncan’s research in hopes of curing themselves.  As of now we are aware of 4 Castor Clones: Miller (Military Clone), Rudy (Scarface Clone), Seth (Mustache Clone) and Mark (Religious Clone).

Meanwhile Helena (Wildling Clone) is still captive and being put through more tests.  I’m not sure exactly why she’s being out through them but I get the feeling they are prepping her to be a soldier and once she gives birth (she had eggs extracted, impregnated and put back inside her last season) they intend to unleash her on the world.  LORD she was already hell on wheels when she was influenced by the Prometheans (that nutzoid religious group that had her assassinating her sister clones in season 1) she’s going to be unstoppable if the military succeeds.

Alison (Soccer Mom Clone) is trying to get things back on track after her husband Donnie (Kristian Brunn) quits his job.  When an unlikely opportunity opens up, she devises a scheme to generate revenue by taking over business from her former dealer (who’s closing up shop before going to college).  LMFAO I SWEAR I would’ve NEVER seen this coming from Alison because this is so NOT like her!

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